Monday, April 11, 2005


This morning while knitting I began to feel some tingling in my fingers. I did the smart thing. Put down my needles at the end of the row, took some Advil (for the inflammation) and stayed away from my knitting for several hours. Fortunately the tingling didn't come back so I think I am safe for now. If it does I will go to the doctor. Please folks if you feel symptoms like these do not treat them yourself for too long. I had a bad injury to my wrist back in the early 80's and it's no joke I can tell you.

Every Monday DD has a group that she attends and I go to a Borders nearby to drink coffee and knit. While there I found a mistake I made in Aibhlinn. Now I can handle this in one of several ways. I can lay in a lifeline, frog down the piece, and put it back on the needles; I can frog without the lifeline first marking the first stitich which really matters on this pattern, or I can tink the piece after marking the mistaken stitch. I am tinking. It's only one row and part of another. I hate frogging. I always manage to drop stitches and haven't gotten used to lifelines yet. OTOH, tinking I don't mind. Each to his own I guess.

How do I know that DH is not a knitter? We had the following conversation. I commented that I just had to replace my plastic #7 double pointed needles because they were too stiff and had no give to them. Unlike my lovely wooden or bamboo dp's that I use for thinner sock wool. (I'm using the 7's for the Children in Common socks I've been doing) All innocent, he asks me why I don't just go and do it. "Because they don't have them at Michaels or AC Moore in that size" I answer Then he points out the several LYS nearby. Go to one of them he says. I look at him in disbelief. "I can't do that" "Why not?" "If I walk into one of those stores I will not just come out with the needles I will come out with stuff" "Stuff?" "Yarn, and more yarn" I explained. He stared for a moment shook his head and walked off. Only another knitter would understand.

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Laura said...

I laughed and laughed when I read about your conversation. My boyfriend just doesn't get it either. Luckily I have my mom and grandmother who do!
Tingles in the fingers is the worst! That used to happen to me. It's wierd but now that I knit constantly it doesn't happen anymore. Thank goodness!