Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Holding Pattern

I am still waiting to hear about that job. The people at my old job have not called back the woman at the new one yet. Honestly I don't know why they haven't and why she doesn't try calling them again. But the good news is that I may have another job at more money before this one comes up. It's doing something called merchandising which I've done before. You go to various stores and set up displays, educate the people in the store about the products and then move on. Nice thing is that you make your own hours and are really your own boss. We'll see what happens.

At least my knitting life is not in a holding pattern. I've got 2 1/2 inches to do on Aibhlinn before I have the edging. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments! You people make me blush. knitnana bugged me for a picture now I'm bugging her! I want to see your Aibhlinn the heck with the life lines! Yes Rebecca I am very excited about the KnitPicks order. I have heard so much about this yarn I cannot wait to get it into my hot little hands. It has been years since I've done a sweater and I am looking forward to doing this one. You are responsible for this one, at least in part, you know. After hearing about the Knit Red Along from you at SnB, I decided on doing the sweater for it. I got a shade of cranberry red just for it. I plan on a simple drop shoulder with a roll neck. The item, aside from the yarn, that I most want to see from this order is a book called Cable Needle Freedom. It's a self published book that teaches you how to do cables without the cable needle. She starts off with swatches then goes to a hat and also has socks and a sweater in the book. I am really excited about trying the technique and yes Rebecca I will bring it one Thursday to show to Justin.(who is obsessed with cables)

Speaking of Justin, who is the sole male member of my SnB group, he sent an interesting message out that I'd like to mention here. Someone on the net is trying to get a World Wide Knit in Public Day started. Sounds like a fun idea and I thought I'd pass it along. I've put the button on my site. You may take it if you like, put please don't link to it.

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