Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Socks, socks and more socks

Finished my first pair of socks for Children in Common today, haven't been working on much else besides this project. I am going to try doing some different things with the socks, carrying the ribbing down the instep. Maybe using a pattern stitch on the instep. I've got the pattern down in my head now and it's time to play with it. As I said in a previous entry I am going to make it my business to break out of the rut I am in. Got to stop being afraid of taking chances with the socks.

Kelly d made such lovely comments about my Aibhlinn that I blushed! Thanks for the compliment Kelly. You wanted to know the yarn I'm using it's Knit1 Crochet2's Second Time Cotton. The yarn the pattern suggested. I decided to give it a try as I liked the look of it. It's recycled if you can believe it and that appealed to me too.

I've been having fun with the RAOK ring the last couple of days. So happy to be part of the group. Nice group of people and I've already been the recipient of RAOK's twice! I'm going to send out a package or two early next week. Got to Pay it Forward!


Donna said...

Hi, Dibosai! Stopping by to say welcome to the wool fanlisting!

Samantha said...

Welcome to RAOK! The socks that you made for DD are very cute. I recently learned to knit socks on 2 circs because I thought that it could/would increase my output of charity knit socks, it is much faster but now I seem to be knitting more socks for me and more clothing for charity (call it knitting penance) :-)

Dani said...

I LOVE the Pay it Forward reference!

The socks are *awesome* and don't be surprised if i pick your brain all night about what I am doing wrong with socks tomorrow!! (I WANT to do socks, BADLY, I just haven't been able to "get" them.) And as a bribe, I will come bearing gifts as discussed earlier ;-)

BTW I'm posting under my blogger account that I NEVER use (because you only allow blogger people to comment) but it's Dani from SnB, KnitList and RAOK LOL we keep bumping into each other ;-)