Monday, April 27, 2009

I had to take Midnite to the vet again today. We realized late last week that he was doing poorly and needed to be seen. The results were not good. He once again has kidney stones but this time he has a bunch of them and they are not operable. The poor little fellow is in a lot of pain, I have medication to keep him comfortable but we have made the sad decision to put him down. DD is inconsolable, DH is not happy either but realizes that this is for the best. I haven't told my son yet but will do that tonight. I'm bringing Midnite in tomorrow afternoon, it's not going to be easy for me but someone has to do it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great weekend here. I didn't have to work, always nice to have days off on a weekend, and I had the chance to see an old friend who I haven't seen in years on Sunday. She moved away some time ago and we haven't been in as close a touch as we should have. I am going to make an effort to change that, when we saw each other it was like no time had passed. I forgot how much fun she was. She's having a big birthday this summer and I think I will make her a lace scarf (probably Branching Out from Knitty) It gives me a chance to do something nice for her and indulge my new lace addiction at the same time.

Speaking of lace the shawl is finished. I bound it off last night now all I have to do is block it out. I need blocking wires so I am going to put in an order with Knitpicks for some, as well as their new blocking mat. I am so proud of the shawl. In the end it wasn't too hard and I don't know why I had so much trouble with it in the beginning.

I am also nearly done with DD's socks, just have to finish the toe on sock two and graft it. Pictures of the socks and shawl to come later in the week. Now I need new projects to work on, I was supposed to go to the LYS with DD this afternoon but she didn't go to school today because she was feeling ill so I don't think that will come off after all. She wants a Harry Potter scarf and doens't trust me to pick out the colors by myself, I think I will also get myself some yarn for a tea cozy. I've been drinking lots of tea lately and can really use the cozy, I may also get the yarn for my friend's scarf.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I recently entered a blog give away on Cindy's Blog and to my delight I won! The prize is a copy of the new book Fiber Gathering, it's a book I was going to buy so I am especially happy to win it.

DS went back to school today and I already miss him tons. We had fun with him while he was here and had a great visit. I ate entirely too much this week, the diet has gone out the window again and I really have to get back to a healthy eating plan. Despite being a Weight Watchers member I don't seem to be able to stick to the diet for any length of time especially during Passover with all the foods you only get once a year. It's hard to pass it all up.

The shawl is coming along nicely, I've been working on it to the exclusion of everything else so I've no progress to report on the sweater. I just love doing lace. DD has asked for a scarf in Slytherin House colors to wear to the new Harry Potter movie when it comes out. A friend of hers wants one too and I said I'd make her one if she paid for the wool. I'm probably going to do it gratis though, can't see taking the money from one of DD's friends. Now all I have to do is find the time to go to the LYS and buy the yarn in the proper colors.

I finished Water for Elephants and really liked it the discussion on the book starts on April 15th which ought to be interesting. I've never participated in a book group before and I am not sure how an online one is going to work but I am willing to give it a try. The voting is now going on for the second book we are going to read but I don't like any of the choices so I am going to give it a pass next month. I am deep in the middle of another book titled The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club and I cannot put it down. I highly recommend it. But word of warning it's a very British book with lots of British English in it but don't let that stop you it's too good to miss and I am a sucker for "knitting novels"

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunny day today, nice after the rain we had yesterday. DD is home on spring break and we went to the mall yesterday to buy her some shirts. She couldn't seem to find anything that suited her until we went into the last store (Spencer's which makes me cringe). We also went to Ikea which is next to this mall. We went mostly to eat lunch and to pickup some moose shaped pasta. DD likes moose and is very amused by this stuff. It's a wierd purchase to make just before Passover but we'll save it for after the holiday.

DS comes home for a week starting tomorrow morning can't wait to have him. Passover starts tomrrow night, and for the first night we'll be going to a friend's house, all I have to bring is a vegetable. Thursday night it's just us here at home. I'm making Brisket (which I do on top of the stove as post roast), chicken soup with Matzo balls (of course), and something called a matzo kugel which is kind of like stuffing baked in a pan. It's yummy with gravy from the pot roast on top of it.

I am in the Stitch and Book group on Ravelry and the first book picked is Water for Elephants. I am enjoying it quite a bit. It's about a young man who joins the circus and what happens to him. It alternates chapters from his point of view as an old man of 90 with chapters from his point of view as a young man in his 20's. This is the first book club I've been in and am looking forward to the discussions that will be starting on April 15. I've got a bit more than half the book to go I think I can get it finished in time if I can keep myself from working on the shawl which is proving to be addictive. I've discovered that I love lace knitting. Must find excuses to work on lace :).