Saturday, August 22, 2009

We are about to leave on vacation and I have run out of time for updating this blog for now. I received a wonderful package from my Secret Pal including a pattern for the Irish Hiking Scarf which I've been wanting to make for years. Wonder how she knew I'd like this!

I had promised her that I'd post pictures to the blog but it's late and this week has been busy so it will have to wait until I get back. My humble apologies.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

As promised here are the before pictures of my house

And here are the after pictures.

Looks so much better now and all in all the construction wasn't too bad. A bit noisy but we got used to it. The day after they finished another crew came to put up the gutters. Took them less than half an hour to do it I was very surprised by that.

I haven't sewed the aran sweater together yet. I will try to get started on that tomorrow. The February Lady Sweater got a little stalled as I found that the needle I was working with was too short. So I went to the LYS today to get a longer one. Managed to make it out of there with the needle and nothing else. I consider that to be an achievement!

I've been going to Curves daily and am really enjoying it. I've added a bit of extra aerobics a couple of times a week as well. DD says I am addicted, and maybe I am. But this is a good addiction. I'm considering taking a class in an aerobic dance called Zumba. I heard about it on the Weight Watchers message boards. It's done to a Latin beat and sounds fun. There's a place not too far away that has a class on Wednesday night and also on Saturday mornings. I'm not working tomorrow night so I may go and give it a try. Last week at my Weight Watchers weigh in I'd lost one pound. Which is fine, as long as it keeps going down and not up I'm happy. Another change I've made is following the Beck Diet Solution book. It's not a diet it's a way to get yourself into a new mindset. One that will support your weight loss and get you thinking like a thin person. If you have to lose weight I highly recommend it. It's really helping build my confidence.