Thursday, June 22, 2006


Not much going on around here which is why I haven't been posting. DS is coming home for a week and a bit starting on Saturday. I can't wait to see him. It's a drag that I have to work for three days this week (I work part time and only work Monday to Wednesday) and won't have the time with him, but DH will be taking off those days so they have some time for father son bonding. DD is finishing school this Friday and starts Day Camp on Monday. She loves this camp and seeing the same kids each Summer. They've all been together for years now and really have developed friendships. DD has no interest in going to Sleep Away camp and having been forced to go myself when I was little, I have no interest in making her go. She's independent for a 12 year old and I don't think she misses anything in not going away to camp.

The socks are coming along well and I will post pics as soon as #2 matches #1.

I still despair over DH's sweater. First of all I want to make him something, second of all I like working on Aran's. I will try one more time to get the pattern to work and them I will look for a new one that can use the same yarn. I'll never buy a pattern from Sirdar again, even though I love the yarn.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Knit in Public Day

I was lucky to be able to get some KIPing in on this second annual Worldwide Knit in Public Day. We took my MIL to the store to bring in her furs for the winter and we had to wait. So I pulled out my sock and knitted away. Didn't get a lot done but I got a few rows in. So did you knit in public today? If so where and how?

Waiting on a call from my contractor before I can order the cabinets for the kitchen. We always seem to be waiting on someone for this project. It's going to take 6-8 weeks for the cabinets to come in and so I am anxious to get the order in ASAP. Well I called on Friday I'm sure he'll get back to me on Monday. In a comment Jenn asked me to post before, during and after photos. I will do that when the project gets closer to actually getting done.

The sock I was working on today is actually the second sock from the Lorna's Laces socks I am making. True to the history of these socks I had to cast on three times before I got what I liked. Maybe I should call this one Brother of the cursed sock ;). I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have a repeat of the problems I had with the first one.

My shoulder has been better the last two days, still stiff but not as painful. I've had the x-ray now I just have to get back to the doctor to get them looked at. After that I will most likely have an MRI. With luck the rotator cuff is not torn. Physical therapy I can handle, but I'd like to avoid surgery if possible. My thanks to Ruinwen for her good wishes about my shoulder.

Monday, June 05, 2006


It occurs to me that I never said what happened at the arthritis doctor. Well it's not exactly my arthritis, I either have a torn rotator cuff or something called an impingement. That means that some muscles are pinching others causing the pain in my shoulder. My research online reveals that this can result from bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis. So I'm in for some x-rays and most likely an MRI. If I'm lucky it's the impingement as that is treated by physical therapy, the rotator cuff tear would mean surgery. So think good thoughts and I'll continue updates

Have I mentioned we're doing our kitchen over? Well finally after many false starts we have a contractor that's willing to do the work. I just called today to leave a message saying we agreed to the price please send a contract. A lot of the work will have to be done while I am not at home as both DS and I have to work. I have to put a lot of trust into these folks. But the neighbor across the street is a relative of the contractor so I am fairly comfortable with the arrangement. Finally new cabinets (needed), new floor (badly needed), new appliances (very badly needed). The kitchen is around 40 years old. The oven is original equipment, and for someone who likes to bake a horror. The cook top, refrigerator, and dishwasher, are newer but also in need of replacement. I don't know if I should say yipee, or recoil in horror at the thought of what's about to happen. (the kitchen will be totally gutted down to the wall studs) Wish us luck.

On the knitting front not too much has happened as of late. I'm still working on the cursed sock (not so cursed at the moment it's working fine thank you), and have not yet taken out the baby blanket to work on, but I will. The comments on the blog totally decided me.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I took Leigh Ann's advice and left the sock alone for a bit. Then instead of taking the easy way out, I frogged back to the start of the heel and got the right number of stitches this time after it was fully turned. Persistence is a virtue. Now all I have to do is get the gusset right and it's smooth sailing. One day a picture will appear on this site I promise :). I will be starting sock two as soon as the gusset is done. This is the way I work all my socks. First I get one to the foot, then the other and after that I alternate the two. I find I avoid second sock syndrome that way. The owner of my LYS liked my idea so much she now advises all her sock classes to do the same thing.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Knitter's Tea Swap

If you go to the blog Knitter's Tea Swap. You will see the other fabulous package I got.

Look at the wonderful package I got from my Secret Pal! Sock yarn, two patterns, yummy candy (my fave is the sour gummy worms) Incense, bath salts, tea and two books. The woman knows how to spoil me! Posted by Picasa