Monday, June 05, 2006


It occurs to me that I never said what happened at the arthritis doctor. Well it's not exactly my arthritis, I either have a torn rotator cuff or something called an impingement. That means that some muscles are pinching others causing the pain in my shoulder. My research online reveals that this can result from bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis. So I'm in for some x-rays and most likely an MRI. If I'm lucky it's the impingement as that is treated by physical therapy, the rotator cuff tear would mean surgery. So think good thoughts and I'll continue updates

Have I mentioned we're doing our kitchen over? Well finally after many false starts we have a contractor that's willing to do the work. I just called today to leave a message saying we agreed to the price please send a contract. A lot of the work will have to be done while I am not at home as both DS and I have to work. I have to put a lot of trust into these folks. But the neighbor across the street is a relative of the contractor so I am fairly comfortable with the arrangement. Finally new cabinets (needed), new floor (badly needed), new appliances (very badly needed). The kitchen is around 40 years old. The oven is original equipment, and for someone who likes to bake a horror. The cook top, refrigerator, and dishwasher, are newer but also in need of replacement. I don't know if I should say yipee, or recoil in horror at the thought of what's about to happen. (the kitchen will be totally gutted down to the wall studs) Wish us luck.

On the knitting front not too much has happened as of late. I'm still working on the cursed sock (not so cursed at the moment it's working fine thank you), and have not yet taken out the baby blanket to work on, but I will. The comments on the blog totally decided me.


Ruinwen said...

Sending you prayers and reiki for your shoulder.


Stickchicky said...

I can totally sympathize. Our entire house is about to be lifted on jacks off the foundation to build a basement this weekend. I'm told it's only going to take a week. We'll see....I do however get a brand spankin' new craft room out of the $25,000 deal my insane Mr.Man planned. Yay!! New kitchens are always the best reno. Especially if you like to cook. Good luck..I'll be knitting with you through the hammerring, cutting and drilling!

Jenn said...

Oh good luck with the remodel. I would love to have a new stove. Ilove to bake too and the one we have heats unevenly and the temp is never right.

You must post before, during and after pictures!