Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great weekend here. I didn't have to work, always nice to have days off on a weekend, and I had the chance to see an old friend who I haven't seen in years on Sunday. She moved away some time ago and we haven't been in as close a touch as we should have. I am going to make an effort to change that, when we saw each other it was like no time had passed. I forgot how much fun she was. She's having a big birthday this summer and I think I will make her a lace scarf (probably Branching Out from Knitty) It gives me a chance to do something nice for her and indulge my new lace addiction at the same time.

Speaking of lace the shawl is finished. I bound it off last night now all I have to do is block it out. I need blocking wires so I am going to put in an order with Knitpicks for some, as well as their new blocking mat. I am so proud of the shawl. In the end it wasn't too hard and I don't know why I had so much trouble with it in the beginning.

I am also nearly done with DD's socks, just have to finish the toe on sock two and graft it. Pictures of the socks and shawl to come later in the week. Now I need new projects to work on, I was supposed to go to the LYS with DD this afternoon but she didn't go to school today because she was feeling ill so I don't think that will come off after all. She wants a Harry Potter scarf and doens't trust me to pick out the colors by myself, I think I will also get myself some yarn for a tea cozy. I've been drinking lots of tea lately and can really use the cozy, I may also get the yarn for my friend's scarf.

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AlisonH said...

Isn't that always so cool? When you find that you can pick up with an old friend and chat like no time had passed. I'm glad you got together!