Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunny day today, nice after the rain we had yesterday. DD is home on spring break and we went to the mall yesterday to buy her some shirts. She couldn't seem to find anything that suited her until we went into the last store (Spencer's which makes me cringe). We also went to Ikea which is next to this mall. We went mostly to eat lunch and to pickup some moose shaped pasta. DD likes moose and is very amused by this stuff. It's a wierd purchase to make just before Passover but we'll save it for after the holiday.

DS comes home for a week starting tomorrow morning can't wait to have him. Passover starts tomrrow night, and for the first night we'll be going to a friend's house, all I have to bring is a vegetable. Thursday night it's just us here at home. I'm making Brisket (which I do on top of the stove as post roast), chicken soup with Matzo balls (of course), and something called a matzo kugel which is kind of like stuffing baked in a pan. It's yummy with gravy from the pot roast on top of it.

I am in the Stitch and Book group on Ravelry and the first book picked is Water for Elephants. I am enjoying it quite a bit. It's about a young man who joins the circus and what happens to him. It alternates chapters from his point of view as an old man of 90 with chapters from his point of view as a young man in his 20's. This is the first book club I've been in and am looking forward to the discussions that will be starting on April 15. I've got a bit more than half the book to go I think I can get it finished in time if I can keep myself from working on the shawl which is proving to be addictive. I've discovered that I love lace knitting. Must find excuses to work on lace :).

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The WoolWytch said...

Ikea has Moose shaped Pasta?

I may have to check it out when the Diva and I go there next.