Friday, March 27, 2009

I have been doing a lot of surfing around the Ravelry forums. My God what a time sink that is. I've been on Rav for nearly a year and am just now getting to use it with any regularity. I still don't understand the difference between my Favorites and my Queue, and I don't have my stash up there (mostly because I am embarrassed by how crappy it is way too much plastic in there) but it's a valuable resource. I made a half serious post on the beginning lace knitters board about my nervousness at doing Kitchener stitch and ended up getting some real good and helpful replies.

I am still working on the shawl but plan to put in some work on the sweater today. I am avoiding it because I have to frog back a couple of rows on the sleeve I'm working on as I missed an important decrease on it. I hate to frog cables!

This afternoon I have some work to do for Meals on Wheels. I've been a volunteer for nearly a year now and was recently asked to do some administrative work for them. Meals on Wheels is a very satisfying project to be involved in, people really appreciate what you do and it doesn't take too much time at all. I really believe in doing community service and this fits into my schedule very well.


AlisonH said...

Is it a cable where you can just drop down the cable stitches and rework them without having to frog the whole section?

AlisonH said...

I'm coming back to add, your Meals on Wheels mention brought back memories of an old neighbor, now long gone, and how they made it so she could stay in her house for a long time that she would otherwise not have had. Thank you for doing that.