Friday, March 06, 2009

DS is home for the weekend and happily settled in the den watching bad Japanese cartoons. (anime is a passion of his) It's always good to have him home. I really miss him when he's at school.

I got some knitting in on the way to and from picking him up and made good progress on DD's socks as a result. This is a feat as I have had to frog this particular sock Lord knows how many times. (these are the socks I was going to do on two circs but gave up and went back to my tired and true dpn's) I might go with DS to my favorite LYS and pick out yarn for a sweater for him. He's been asking me to make him one and as I am up to the sleeve on my aran sweater it's a good time to start it. I plan to make the Leo sweater from Knitty. It's simple as he requested but has enough interest in the pattern to keep me from going crazy. I have to make it from an easy to care for yarn, something superwash. DS goes to a boarding school for special needs kids and does his own laundry. Asking him to hand wash something just is not in the cards. I'm sure that I can find something at the LYS. Don't know if we have the time to go this weekend though, it can always wait until April when he will be in for a week for the Passover/Easter break.


Lupie said...

I had a hard time with the aran sweater and gave up. I couldn't get the cables.

Dibosai said...

Just take it slow the cables aren't that bad when you get used to them. I love doing aran knits.