Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Do Not Adjust Your Set

I've changed the look of the blog because certain things weren't loading right with the background that I had before. I wanted to shift my blogroll to bloglines and for some reason it wouldn't display right with the green screen I had before. I like this new clean look better. What do you all think?

Thanks to Donna, Samantha, and Dani for stopping by and for the kind words about the socks, especially after all my whining about socks lately. (I will spare you all today's disaster suffice to say it involved much frogging and yelling) Samantha, I would love to learn to do socks on two circs. People tell me it's a lot faster and I am too slow on dp's, much as I like them. (yes I am crazy) One of these days I will get a copy of Socks Soar and teach myself. Dani, I will impart what small amount of wisdom I have when I see you, I will also bring an earlier model of the sock for you to see, as well as my favorite sock book. (came out too small DD will not part with the others)

There is a new button on this site, a ribbon made of puzzle pieces. This ribbon is for autism awarnes. Clicking on the ribbon will bring you to a site that will get you more information. Take the time, if you can, to learn more.


Greta said...

Let's do keep in touch...glad you have the autism ribbon posted on your site!

Dibosai said...

Greta I'd be happy to. Feel free to email me any time.