Friday, April 15, 2005


Ok, so here's my problem. I want to order some yarn from KnitPicks, but I have no idea how much yarn to order. All I want to do is get enough to make a very simple crew neck pullover for myself. I'm getting the pattern from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, and so I don't have specific amounts already in hand. This book works backwards. You give it the gauge and it spits out the pattern for you. Thing is that I don't have the gauge if I don't have the yarn. So how do I estimate how much to buy? It's making me nuts. I want to do something for the Knit Red Along, it's been years since I've done a sweater and this just seems perfect. Can anyone in the blogosphere help me here?


me myself and i said...

I would look through the patterns on Knitpicks for something similar and see how much yardage it calls for.
Thats weird that you would have to swatch before knowing the yardage and kind of yarn you want to use. But then again what do I know :)))
Good Luck!

Dibosai said...

Usually you do know the yarn you are going to use, I just don't have it in my hot little hands yet.

Gina said...

Here is what I would do. Find a yarn you LOVE. Then look at the gauge for that yarn. Compare it to the book and pattern you got and VOILA! That should work.. I hope... If you need anything dont hesitate to ask!

Laura said...

I would go with Gina's suggestion. That's what I was going to suggest. You just kinda have to fudge it. I would buy a skein more than what you think you'll need.