Friday, April 01, 2005

Busy Bee

DS has special needs and we were unable to find the right school for him here so he goes to school out of town. (about 2 1/2 hours away) He was in for a week for spring break so I was not really on line enough to update the blog. It was wonderful to have him home and great to see how much progress he has made. It's hard having him away, but we do get to talk to him daily and see him as much as is possible. Sad that the educational system could not make a place for him, but the school he is in is amazing.

On the knitting front I finished DD's socks and could not get her to take them off for a couple of days :). Nice to be appreciated. I will put up a new picture of them as soon as I get a chance. I want to thank everyone for the nice comments about my work and for stopping by to see the blog. Kitt wanted to know what stitch I used for the blanket, it was feather and fan stitch. I like to use it for baby blankets especially if they are for summer babies as this one is. (Sympathies about your blog Kitt I wonder what happened) I am now working on another baby blanket in the same stitch but in cream for the other pregnant niece.

I promise to put up a picture of Aibhlinn on the needles ASAP. Fun piece to work but you really have to be careful with it. The spiral rib is deceptively difficult. You really have to pay attention or the whole thing can be thrown off. I've had to tink from time to time, fortunately not too much. The yarn I am using is a bit of a pain. It's the recommended yarn for the piece and while it has a good hand and lovely drape it splits like mad and corkscrews constantly so you have to keep hanging the work to let it unwind.

I had gone to the Meet-up website to see if there was a knitting group near by me and found that there was a Stitch'n Bitch about 30 minutes away so I tried them out last night. Tons of fun and a great group. Got a few ideas for new projects, had lots of laughs, lots of knitting and a new group of friends I think I will be back.

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KnitNana said...

I want to see Aibhlinn!!! I'm doing it, too and you are SO right about it being deceptively difficult. I frogged 6.5 inches and had to restart - but I think it looks MUCH nicer this time around. ((hugs)) to you re: your son, it's soooo hard to give them up even when you know it's in their best interest. You are in my thoughts and prayers!