Thursday, April 13, 2006

Things I Do While I Knit

Do you just sit and knit or do you do something while you are knitting? If you're like me than you usually are doing something in addition to knitting. I've read while knitting, (only possible on easy patterns) listened to music and podcasts, and of course watched TV. I've also walked while knitting if it's a small item like socks this is very easy to do. One of the things I like to do is burn candles when I knit. I love the different scents of Yankee Candles and always have them on hand. I just enjoy the fragrance and it kind of sets the mood. OK, I admit it I'm a candle addict and burn them all the time not just when I'm knitting. I ought to sign up with one of those direct sales companies that sells candles so I can get them cheap. :)

I am enjoying my socks a lot but there are problems with the yarn. I keep coming to places where one ply is broken so it's thin in that spot. I hope it will be OK when it's finished. After these socks I think I am going to try a pair that is toe up. I've never done that before and really want to give it a try. The technique junkie in me rides again I guess. I had thought to do the next pair for DH, but now that I've decided to do it toe up I may not. We'll see how I feel when the time comes. I am a slow knitter these days for some reason so it' will be a bit till I get to it.

I highly recommend the Knit Cast with Anne Modeseitt. I've been listening to it and it's fascinating. She talks about how she learned how to knit, her designing philosophy and much more. You can get it by clicking the Knit Cast link under podcasts on the blog here. KnitCast was the first pod cast I ever listened to, many episodes back, and it continues to be one of the best knitting podcasts around.

Quick note about DH. He finally recovered completely from his accident although he had pain until sometime in March. Thanks to those who asked about this.

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Emma said...

Wow, you're very adventurous while knitting. I just watch--or, really, listen to--TV while knitting.