Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Long Time No See

Sorry it's been so long since I updated this blog. I promise more updates in the future. Right now I'm working on socks my favorite knitting project and still am working on the multidirectional knitting. I had a problem with the scarf I was trying to do in the technique, so I stopped it and will instead go through the lessons you can get for free from the multidirectional knitting group where I lurk.

I still haven't started DH's sweater but the next pair of socks are his so that will partially make up for it. I may have to go out and buy some yarn for it as he will probably not like the stuff in my sock yarn stash. My what a sacrifice that will be :). I am working on the red sweater still, but it's boring so it's going slow. Note to self and any other would be designers, don't design a stockinette stitch only sweater. It's slow going and boring. I should have done some panels of seed stitch or something. Not too late I still may work it on the front.

I mentioned podcasts here on the blog, and I am still listening to them. I am happy to say that there is a wealth of knitting podcasts out there most of them great fun. In the next few days I'll be adding a new block to the sidebar listing some podcasts for you to try. Give them a go and remember you don't need an Ipod to listen you can always play the podcasts on your computer or burn a disk and listen on a CD player. I've done both and it works well.

Well I'm off to a hot cup of tea and a perusal of the new KnitPicks catalog. Till next time.

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