Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Whine

I totally forgot that I was going to put some work in on DD's socks, and just never picked them up. They still sit alone and forlorn in their little bag, perhaps tonight, I've the house to myself and can really concentrate.

I was at work all weekend. Saturday 1:30-10:00 and Sunday 10:45-7:15. (the store closes at 9:30, or 7 opn Sunday, but we spend time cleaning up after that or at least they do on the floors that sell clothes. On the third floor we just stand around talking till it's time to punch out :>) This means that I am at the store for either lunch or dinner. Since I don't spend the entire hour eating I brought the candle flame shawl along to work on. Waste of time. On Saturday I spent the time fixing a mistake that I'd made on an earlier row. Today I saw that one of the Russian joins I'd made had become undone and that resulted in frogging a few rows with no time left to do any knitting. Arrgggh! It was, however, a decent weekend at the store because Captain Nice (my new name for my "wonderful" boss) wasn't in all weekend. I have a better than even chance of having to see him tomorrow but I am determined not to let him get to me this time. I also have to ask him to put in a personal day for me on Election Day. I have to work that night but I have plans to sit up watching election news all day on MSNBC (my favorite addiction besides knitting) so I am not going to go in. If he doens't give me the day I'm taking it unpaid. This is a historic election and I am not going to miss a thing if I can help it. (While I am on the subject I want to urge you all to vote. Vote for the candidate of your choice but vote. This is an important election and every vote counts. If you don't believe me ask Al Gore)

The crappish thing about this weekend was that my working kept me from a visit to see DS today. I miss him even though I talk to him almost every day, he's 18 but he's still my baby and it's not easy to have him away. Now I won't see him till Thanksgiving. At least they had good weather. They also made a great discovery. For years we have been fans of the fast food chain Sonic, which doens't exisit in this neck of the woods. Now Sonic is about the best fast food you can get if you have to eat fast food. Well today, DH called me at work to let me know that they had seen one in a town near where DS goes to school! This means regular visits to Sonic for us, we all couldn't be happier. Especially DD who has been known to shout "Why do you taunt me?" at Sonic commercials. :>

I'm still playing at dishcloths. I get unreasonably picky with them, always frogging and starting over. For the one I am doing now, I'm working on the Chinese Waves pattern. It's easy and makes a nice fabric. I have definitely decided that the washcloths are going to be part of a Christmas gift to my Meals on Wheels partner. I don't want to make this a big gift, she'd be uncomfortable with it, but I do want to give her something, and handmade feels right.


Lupie said...

I saw this done done on The TV show Knitty Gritty. I've never done it but it looks cool.
Jobs just seem to get in the way of what is important KNITTING!

Lupie said...

I was talking about the join and typed in done twice. Sorry I guess it is too early!