Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Socks Finally

Last night I pulled out DD's socks and got started on them again. I am now on the heel flap of sock #1 we'll see how I do when I get to the gusset which was what I had trouble understanding from the Cat Bordhi book. Sensational Socks has a more step by step explanation so I think I'll have more success with it. When I bought the yarn for these socks I got two skeins but now DD says that she wants anklets and I don't really need both skeins. I will either make another pair of anklets or use the yarn for something else. Unfortunately I had the LYS wind both skeins up into balls for me so I can't return the excess. This was before I had my swift and could easily wind the yarn myself. I've got to say I love my swift. It's made my knitting life so much easier, DD especially likes it, as I used to kidnap her to hold skeins while I wound then onto my ball winder. Why I ever got the winder without the swift is beyond me. While working on the heel flap I came to a break in the yarn. I don't remember that happening when they wound it up. Tried to do a Russian join with the yarn but couldn't manage it with the thin sock yarn and my Chibi needle so I just tied a knot. I don't think it will be a problem, it's pretty much swallowed up in the knitting and can't be felt.

This weekend I am doing something I haven't done in ages. I am volunteering on a political campaign. A volunteer from the Obama campaign called yesterday and asked if I'd be willing to volunteer to call people in Ohio and Pennsylvania this weekend. I thought about it and decided why not? So I'm giving a couple of hours on Saturday to make calls. I guess I'll bring some knitting with me in case there is any down time which I doubt. But I think it's best to be prepared don't you? What I need is a small bag to carry socks in, I've seen a few cute ones on the net and really should buy one for myself.

Speaking of bags to hold projects, are you like me and find that you collect tote bags? When I see one I like I always want to buy it. Question is do they count as stash? :)


Jackie said...

I badly need a yarn winder and swift. I spent a lot of time at a friends house over the weekend reskeining yarn that I had dyed.

I love small project bags. I made a few for me using this tutorial from Yarnmonsters blog. I made mine a bit taller but they easily accomodate socks!

Dibosai said...

Thanks for the link. I envy your ability to sew. Of all the things I can do with my hands, of all the crafts I have learned I cannot sew to save my life. Had a very bad experience with sewing in Junior High when I was forced to take sewing rather than the wood shop class I wanted (no girls allowed). Maybe that's why I am so hopeless at it.

Crazy Slots said...

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