Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bad couple of days here. My boss and I kept butting heads on Monday and it just depressed me. I can't stand the guy and to make it worse the store is putting a lot of pressure on us to keep sales up. We keep saying that no one is coming in and they will just have to accept that the economy is doing lousy. But they keep harassing us. Some of the managers are sympathetic and let us know that they are just doing their job and it's not personal; but the situation is not good and I wish I could look for another job. I can't really do that now because this time of the year retail jobs tend to be only for the Christmas season and I need a job that's permanent not temporary. Another side of me says I shouldn't have to leave. I like the people I work with and I like my hours (6-10 on nights when I work and occasionally longer hours on weekends) It fits with my lifestyle very nicely. It's only my manager, who I don't always see, that's the problem. But in any case I am stuck here for the time being.

DD had a great time last weekend at a Girl Scouts encampment (she and her friends insist on referring to it as a secret cult they feel a little funny telling the rest of the kids they are in Girl Scouts) She's going for her Gold Award (think Eagle Scout only for Girls) and they got a whole mess of leadership hours towards that. I had a great time with Girl Scouts as a kid and am glad that DD has joined up again after a few years hiatus. This troop are a nice bunch of girls and their Moms are easy to get along with too.

On the knitting front I'm once again starting washcloths only to frog them. I am way to picky about how they look. One thing I've realized working them is that I have to learn how to make cables without using a cable needle. I have a booklet called Cable Needle Freedom that should be a help and I know of some sites on the net with good instructions for how to do the technique. Has anyone out there successfully ditched the cable needle? For someone like me who really likes doing them it would probably be good to learn. I am going to spend some time tomorrow trying to learn how to do socks on two circular needles. As I've said before I am not happy with the results I am getting from using double points and think that this will work out better.

Had a comment from Megan of Knitting Like it's My Job about the knitting groups she is a member of. It's a bit of a drive for me but once in a while, when I am not working on a Saturday, it might be nice to go. I'd love to go to the group that meets here in my town but it's at night and I can't usually make it on days they meet because of work.

Got to go and start dinner, "talk" to ya'll soon.

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LenaL said...

Oh dear, hope it will be better for you soon enough!