Thursday, May 18, 2006

Doctor Day

A few days ago I posted about going to some doctor appointments. Today was day the day. The dentist was just awful. It's been about 4 years since I've gone so there's no one to blame but me. The cleaning actually hurt, and I have to go back for another one in two weeks because there was so much buildup. Two cavities as well. *sigh* The money aspect aside ( and we don't have dental insurance) this was a big wake up call. I will never, ever wait so long to go to the dentist. Every six months from now on I swear. The Pulmonary doctor my GP sent me to had a good report. He said my lung function test was good, but that I do still have to deal with my very mild asthma, and that the cough was most likely from that. So I now have an inhaler again (I used to have one but haven't used it in so long it got lost) and a prescription for Singuliar which will take care of my allergies as well. Next are a pair of appointments to deal with my arthritis. (do I or do I not sound like a little old lady down by the pool in Florida complaining about my aches and pains?)

DH asked if I actually read all the blogs on my list. The answer is sort of. Some I always read like Yarn Harlot, some I skim, some I skip from time to time. Thank God for Bloglines it's so much easier to keep up that way.

Got the last things I needed for my tea swap pal today. I'll be mailing it tomorrow assuming I can locate our ever disappearing packing tape. I sure hope she likes what I send. I'm throwing in some stitch markers I made as well. They are so easy to make and everyone can use them. I always like to throw in a few when I do a package like this. I also mailed off some squares for the Warming Grace challenge for blue squares yesterday. I love to do charity knitting, and if you don't already do some, I urge you to lend your talents to some worthy group. You'll get much more than you give I promise.

Thanks to Ruinwen and Dipsy D for their kind comments on the scarf. I'm using Noro Kureyon color 163. A gift from a Secret Pal a while back. I love the way the colors change and think the pattern really enhances it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen! Its your secret pal! I found your packing tape and I used it all up! hehehe I hope you have a decent pair of scissors to get through all the tape.

I hope you enjoy your package - it should be there in about a week.

Not sure if you figured out who I am yet but I'll tell you after you get it.

Hopefully customs won't open it or the sniffing dogs don't get it neither. I here chocalte is bad for them. hehe

I sent two of my favourite teas. I couldn't choose and there's a note too.
Sorry to here about the teeth - I have a cavity that needs refilled and I am not looking forward to it.

Hope this will make your day!

Hugs from Canada! Oops! Its a hint!