Thursday, May 25, 2006

Baby blanket dilemma

I started a baby blanket for my nephew a long while back. The baby is near to a year old now should I still send it to him if I make a push to finish it. I feel a little silly about it now. I made one for his sister and felt I had to make one for him, but just lost interest in it. It's a feather and fan pattern in blue. Rather pretty actually I just got bored with it. Opinions are wanted on this there's not too much of the blanket to be done.

The sock and scarf continue to move along nicely, but slowly. I haven't had much time to knit lately. Hope to get some solid time in today after I clean up the house. Still no ideas on what to do about DH's sweater. I'm thinking of writing to Sirdar and asking if there are any errata for the pattern. If I don't come to a solution soon I will bag this sweater and look for something else to make him with the yarn. It's a wonderful yarn and shouldn't just sit.

To my vast disappointment I found the envelope I put the stitch markers in for my tea swap pal on the table I packed the stuff into the box on. I feel bad that I didn't send them. Don't think I mentioned them in my note. I also realized I didn't make suggestions on what to do with the yarn as you are supposed to. But I figure that two skeins of Regia sock yarn make the use kind of obvious. Still haven't heard from her that she got it even though I know it was delivered. Maybe she's busy or just didn't like what I sent. I suppose I can give it a week or so till I ask about it from the people who run the swap. Nice to hear from my swap pal and excited to see what I get. I promise pictures as soon as it arrives.

One more round of doctor appointments next week. Another dentist visit, which I hope will be less painful than the last. I've been good about flossing and using the Listerine as directed so it should go better. Aside from the fact that it will have been only two weeks since my last visit rather than 5 years :). I'm also seeing the arthritis doctor. I cannot take the pain in my right shoulder any more. I can't reach with the arm as I am supposed to without pain, can't put it behind my back. I hope he can do something for me. It's been months with no improvement. I'll keep you all posted.


Kathy said...

I say go for the baby blanket. It always feels good to cross some things off the list.
Good luck with your appointments.

Ruinwen said...

Hey I have one of those half-finished feather and fan baby blankets too! :)

I hope everything goes well at your appointments.


KnitNana said...

Having a rough time, I think, and I sure hope your medical visits go well...
On the blanket dilemma - go for it. Often moms will just put them away for "posterity" anyway and won't it be a meaningful thing when he's older and expecting his own child? By the same token, you never know when one will decide THIS is THE blanket (remember Linus? His blanket was blue, too!)

Anonymous said...

I'd finished it. One year olds still like to use their blankies. Especially if its from an auntie.