Monday, May 29, 2006

The Curse Of The Sock Returns

What is it about this sock of mine? I cannot seem to do anything right with it. After puzzling out the error I made turning the heel (worked on the wrong number of stitches), it looks like there now will be one fewer stitch than needed, I don't know why and I don't care at this point. I'm just going to do a make one and be done with it. Honestly, I don't know what is wrong with me on this thing, I've done 7 pairs of socks with no problems before this. *sigh* I will chalk it up to karma and move on.

DS has been in from school the last few days and goes back tomorrow. DH will take him to meet his train (they send staff up from school to ride with the kids they don't go alone ever) while I will go to work. I'm glad he's doing it, aside from the fact that DS seems to like it when DH takes him back for the return trip, I think I'd just lose it. He'll be up for a week at the end of June as well as 2 weeks or so at the end of August. In between times we visit him and talk daily on the phone. I know he's doing well at school and that this is the right place for him, but I miss him so much a times. He was so good this weekend it's hard to let him go again.

DD marched in our town and the town next over's Memorial Day Parade with the middle school marching band. Our school district takes in both towns so they do both parades each year. DS not being a fan of parades stayed home with DH, last year I did the same. It was nice to see her march and the kids did so well! Nothing like small town America I say. (there are only 7000 people in my town, our school district only has about 3500 kids K-12, that's less people than in my entire high school when I was a student)

Well, we're off to dinner with friends, wish me luck with the traffic.

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Leigh Ann said...

Take a break from your sock and have some coffee or tea, read a good book (romance or Da Vinci's Code and the Karma will come back.

I've had the same problem with some of my projects too.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner and have a great day.