Sunday, May 14, 2006

All's Well That Ends Well

We had a beautiful day for our visit to DS. Sunshine and the home team won. We surprised DS with a visit from his best friend and his parents which totally delighted him. DS gave me two Mother's Day gifts he made himself. A Jewelry box and a mug he made in ceramics. They came out well, he's starting to be neater with his paints and using more colors. DH got a candlestick and a box that's shaped like a basketball. Unfortunately I went totally off my eating plan at the ball park. Well I'm picking myself off and starting over. Each day a new beginning I say.

Please notice that I've put a couple of new buttons up on the blog. One just for fun, two for some worthy charities I recommend to you. Warming Grace is right now looking for some blue squares for a blanket for a very sick boy, the squares are small and easy to work up please consider helping this child and making a square.

The sock is cursed. I dropped a stitch on Friday night that couldn't be picked up, went down too far and it was just hard to catch. I had to start from scratch again but no matter got tons done at the game and while I road in the car on the way down. As I have finally gotten DH to find the camera I will post a picture as pitiful as it is.

FP asked me what pattern I was using for DH's sweater, it's a Sirdar pattern from The Seascapes Book of Aran Classics, design H specifically. If anyone has worked this please let me know. I'd like to thank FP for her kind comments about me and DS.

Well off to use the camera!

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