Monday, September 29, 2008

Food and knitting

Rosh Hashanna begins tonight which means that today I am busy cooking and baking. The house smells wonderful right now with the combined scents of chicken soup and brisket. Soon enough I'll be adding my home made challah to the mix. I love the smell of baking bread. DS will not be with us for the holiday, but we will call him tonight and speak with him. Tomorrow we go to a friends' house for dinnner (the holiday is two days long with a major dinner each night).

Knitting wise I am being lazy and haven't corrected the error I made on my sweater. I am avoiding it because I don't relish the idea of frogging several rows of carefully made cables. There isn't an obvious hole in the thing so I am not sure where the error was, that has me a little nervous. But I am reasonably sure that the error is not that far down. I suppose I could just unravel the cable part but doubt my ability to do that correctly. I've never done it with cables and have no idea how to rework it so the error is fixed and the section cabled correctly. So it will sit for a couple more days till I get the courage to tackle this. The shawl is coming along nicely. Not sure how big I am going to make it. I'll just keep trying it on till it feels right. Working on it has gotten me to think again about a fingering/laceweight shawl. Let me finish and blok this one first.

Well I have to go off and play with some bread dough. L'shanna Tova to you all.


LenaL said...

Oh dear, I really hope you will manage to fix the error without too much trouble!

Looks forward to hear how it turns out.

Happy Rosh Hashanna (or how do you say)! I must admit I have never heard about it, but it sounds very nice with the food. What is it?

Take good care!

Lupie said...

Happy Rosh Hashanna
I am a cable nut! I have frogged every cable project I have made with great fear but have always been able to pick up the pattern again just working backward in pattern. My heart doesn't start again till I see that all is well.
Lace on the other hand I just can't seem to do.