Friday, September 05, 2008

An Update and Random Thoughts

I finally had my stress test at the doctor and fortunately everything is fine. He told me to continue taking the medication he'd prescribed (a beta blocker to help my heart work better and a cholesterol lowering medication) and come back in a year. He also told me in no uncertain terms that I had to exercise daily and lose weight. Well the exercise thing is not so hard to do. I can walk the neighborhood or use my Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is a lot of fun it's a "game" for the Nintendo Wii that has aerobics, balance games, yoga and strength games on it. You can get quite a workout on this thing. I highly recomend it to anyone who has a Wii system. (If you can find it that is. the Wii Fit is in high demand and it took weeks for us to nail one) Losing weight is another story. This has never been easy for me but I have no choice and have to take it off. I figure I need to lose 49 pounds. (Yikes!) So I hauled myself back to Weight Watchers and have been following it the last two days. It does work when you work at it but my problem is that I start resenting the program after a few months. This time resentment or no I have to stick with it. My health is involved not just my looks.

I am making good progress on my aran sweater; finished the back the other day and started the front. I should put in more time on the thing but I've also gotten into this wonderful book called The Street of a Thousand Blossoms. I highly recommend it especially if you're like me and love anything to do with Japan. I know I keep promising pictures and I do plan to post some over due ones this weekend. I haven't been working on the socks all that much, I should pick them up and try to finish them. I am disappointed in the socks. I have a ladder that I cannot seem to eliminate no matter how hard I try. But they do look good othewise and the ladder isn't too noticible but I know it's there and it bothers me. Tell me all does working on two circular needles make for a lack of ladders or am I going to have the same problem with DD's socks (which you may remember are my first attempt at socks on two circulars) ?

Had issues in my kitchen this week. We've had trouble with pantry moths in the past. They are annoying little buggers and hard to get rid of. This time we are getting real serious with our latest plague of flying annoyances bent on eating my food. I spent time yesterday cleaning out our pantry closet, throwing things out that looked like the bugs had gotten to them and wiping out the interior throughly. Now we are having the exterminator in to do a treatment. That will hopefully take care of the problem once and for all. Being a Buddhist I have a hard time with killing bugs. I'm one of those people who takes them outside and sets them free. But for pantry moths I make an exception. They are that bad.

We had DS in for 2 1/2 weeks at the end of August. One week was spent at Cape Cod which we all enjoyed and would like to go back to one of these days. The second week was spent at home seeing his friends and watching too much TV. By far this was the best visit ever with DS. This new progam at his school really seems to be making a difference with him. He loves having the vocational training and talks constantly about getting a job. It's hard having him away at boarding school but he's doing so well I cannot complain.

DH had a look at my blogroll and asked me if I actually read them all. For the most part I do. I have them all on bloglines and check them once or twice a day. I skim some blogs and some like, the Yarn Harlot, I read word for word. Not all of them update on a daily basis so it's not as hard as you might think to keep up. However, the list is getting a little ridiculous and I should pare it down a bit. I just hate to miss a good blog and it's hard not to add them to the list. How many blogs do you all read on a daily or somewhat daily basis?

Thanks again to those who commented and wrote about my recent scare with my health. It really helped to know I had friends in cyberspace.


Lupie said...

My blog list on my blog is just part of what I read. I do check them everyday but I have many more on my favorites and I read those monthly. Glad you are back!

Dibosai said...

Thanks Lupie!

pepper said...

I just read your post and I thought you could do with some light hearted fun:D
You are being challenged! Check my blog answer the questions on your blog and send the challenge to three other bloggers.

Ruinwen said...

I love the Wii Fit. It can make working out really fun. It is good to see you back. I'm glad that the tests came out okay. :)

I have the blogs I read on RSS feeds. That way I can easily keep up with them...and I have 102 on my feed list right now. *whew*

LenaL said...

I'm glad to hear that it was ok at the doctor's! I wish you all the best luck with you weight, and looks forward to hear about the progresses.

I havn't a clue about how many blogs I read, I have just about 80 on my blog list and then I read quite a lot from other’s lists! But just as you said, I don’t want to miss a good blog :-)

Hope to see some photos soon!

Take care.