Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Tale of the Red Sweater

I now have total respect for all designers. The red sweater has been through so many changes that it's almost silly. So many swatches and so much thought before it was even started. Now last night, after 10 inches of the back was done I decided that it just looked awful. Not my best knitting. Too uneven, too many loose stitches. DD looked at it and said "Mom you are going to make yourself nuts every time you put it on. Rip the thing out." So out came the ball winder for the first time (this shouldn't be a total loss) and frog it I did. Back to the original concept of a garter stitch bottom and stockinette body with the same modified drop sleeves. (garter stitch bottom was DD's idea she hated the 2x2 rib I ended up with) Yes I am still actually enjoying this. (or at least I am telling myself that) I also swear I am getting back to the socks this afternoon.

The other day I realized that there were over 80 blogs on my list of blogs I read. No, I don't read them all every day. That would leave me little time to do anything else let alone knit. What I do is use a service called bloglines. It lets you know when a blog has been updated so all you have to do is go to that blog. It takes a little time each day and you get to read a lot of good stuff. What I am trying to do is put together a comprehensive list of knitting blogs, so if you know one that I don't have and it's a good one, or if I don't have yours please send me the link in a comment. Thanks!


Kathy said...

I don't see me on your list:

I have a huge Bloglines list of knitting blogs, too. I think I have several that you don't. Among them: Sittin' Here Knittin, Mel's Knitting and Knitting at 5337.

Thanks for the great idea. I'll go through your list to get blogs I've missed

Melanie said...

What a smart daughter you have. Very perceptive for only being 11. hehehe. ;-)

kmckiernan said...

i don't see me on your list either...I noticed you were in the RAOK ring, I have over 300 blogs from RAOK on my bloglines that you are always welcome to use my user name is kmckiernan.

Karen said...

I know what you feel....frogging that is. I have frogged my Red Rocks cable sweater at least 15 times....I actually started thinking the yarn was evil. I still run across a few bloopers every once in a while...but i am not giving in. i will complete this. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Kitt said...

Wow, wish I had a DD to give me advice! I'm stuck talking to the kitties or my DH who knows not a thing about knitting...lolol He just looks at me like I've lost my last blue marble.
You'll get the sweater down. Keep us posted!