Monday, May 02, 2005

Odds and Ends

So far the job is going well. I spent a lot of time roaming the store trying to find a place to put things, but that will change as I learn the lay of the land. I don't have a lot of hours now, but that's par for the course this time of the year in retail. Suits me fine more time to knit :)

I've been having trouble with the socks I'm making myself yet again. This is the same pair I posted about the other day. First I had to frog sock number two since I found a major mistake. Then I dropped a stitch on sock number one just as I started the gusset. The sock gods do not seem to want this pair completed, but I am not giving up. I will let them sit for a day or so and then forge on.

I have finally started the red pullover sweater that I'm making out of KnitPicks yarn for the Knit Red Knit Along. First I tried it with a garter stitch edge rather than using a rib stitch but decided I didn't like the look so I frogged it back and am starting over. It's an interesting process working on this piece. Not exactly designing from scratch, not working from a complete pattern either. I am enjoying making all the choices and design decisions more than I thought I would. This is a simple sweater since it's my first time doing something like this. Stockinette stitch all the way through (I ditched the moss stitch I was debating) roll neck, modified drop shoulder. Progress photos will be posted.

Got a surprise in the mail today. A dishcloth round robin I am in that I had forgotten about. Some very nice cloths in there and even a soap sack. The idea is that you put in a couple of your designs and take out some of the designs in the robin you like. You are supposed to put a note on your cloths but it looks like not everyone did. Fortunately I did knit ahead on this one and have some dishcloths to put in. I happen to like doing dishcloths from time to time. They're easy and work up fast. A nice change from the stuff I usually make. I also like using them. Once you use a knitted dishcloth or washcloth you are spoiled forever. DD loves the one I made for her and I love the ones I use in the kitchen. Now some people in this group I mentioned really take it far. Knitting dishcloths with state maps on them and matching them to holidays. I don't go that far, though I've been known to do the odd cabled cloth, but I do enjoy making them at times.


laura said...

Kept pluging away on those socks! I think that putting them down for a couple of days is a great idea. You'll finish them soon enough. I just finished my first pair. I'm so proud! =0) Can't wait to see yours!

Dragon Whispers said...

I too have days like that where nothing goes right and that pesky little frog creeps in to do his work. I'm working on a pattern with lots of yarn overs and it took 3 days of frogging off and on to finally get it right lol.

Keep with it and I look forward to seeing your new socks and sweater.


Kitt said...

You'll finish the socks when they tell you they want to be finished :)
Keep us posted on the sox and sweater!

KnitNana said...

Can't wait to see the sweater for Knit Red - let us see your progress? And yes, let the socks rest a bit. Coming back fresh has it's strong advantages!!