Monday, July 13, 2009

We went to visit DS yesterday. Usually we wouldn't have made a visit so soon after he'd been home but with my work schedule and DD having several weekend events coming up it was the best day for us to do it. I didn't take any knitting with me and regretted it when we went to play mini golf. There I was walking around in the hot sun keeping score while the rest of the family played, God I was bored! I'm all for family togetherness, especially when we have DS with us which doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I recognize the value of cheering them all on during a game, but I draw the line at mini golf. For some reason I just have never been able to enjoy playing. It's not that I am bad at it, I'm no worse than the rest of the family, I just find it boring. Never liked regular golf either, I'm lucky that DH never tried the game. I'll be sure to back a golf friendly project when we go on vacation this summer. I've been told that the place where we are going has tons of mini golf. :)

In addition to boring me nearly to death this weekend, we went shopping in a little tourist town near DS's school. It's crowded but a nice place and has some lovely little shops to poke around in. For the first time on a trip like this DS walked along with the rest of us without complaining and even made suggestions about which stores to go into. He never does that. He usually whines that he is tired and constantly asks when we are going to be done. All he asked was that we go to a bookstore at some point during the day. He couldn't have been more cooperative if he didn't have autism. While driving we passed a yarn store that seemed to also carry spinning gear. I will have to try and find it on the Internet and find out when they are open and check it out on one of our weekend visits.

Tomorrow, midnight, is the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. DD is going to the show wearing the scarf I made despite the heat. One of her friends owns all five movies and they are gathering at her house to watch them all day. Then they are going into town for dinner and the new movie. I have volunteered to stay awake and pick them up after the show to drive them all home. I've done things like this before. DD went to two midnight events when the books were newly published. Once it took so long for everyone to get their books that we didn't make it home until 3 AM. Personally I love the Harry Potter books although I've only read the first four. This Summer I am re-reading them and going on to finish the series. At the moment I am reading the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I recommend the books to anyone whatever their age. They are a great guilty pleasure for adults.

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Lynn in Tucson said...

Hi - I am coordinating a "blanket of love" for Carrie (Strikerin) and her boys and inviting you to participate. I'm asking for 8" squares knit or crocheted of machine-washable cotton or cotton-blend yarn (she's not a big wool person and this is Tucson, after all), in any shade of blue.

Ideally, I would have this done by her birthday in mid-October. I know it's a little rushed, but if you could have your square(s) to me before September 15, that would be ideal.

If you would like to include a note or anything else for her, I would be glad to pass it along.

I'm unpastis on Ravelry - you can either PM me or email for my address.

This is, as you might imagine, a really crummy time. I thank you for helping me to feel a little less helpless.

All my best,