Monday, July 20, 2009

Got a wonderful package from my Secret Pal on Saturday. Here's a picture of what I got

I have two skeins of alpaca, a pattern for a hat or mittens using it, some gift tags, an adorable ice cube try in the shape of penguins, some coffee, a candle that's scented like coffee and some delicious sour gummies. Thanks so much to my Secret Pal!

We started the work on the house today. They arrived early and put in all the windows that we are replacing. Tomorrow they come back and do some finishing work and install our new patio door. Then on Wednesday they start the siding. I have before pictures of the house but I am holding off on posting them till I have the after pictures to place beside them.

Still reading Harry Potter. I am now on the fifth book, the one in the series that I stopped reading in the middle and never finished though I don't know why. So far it's as good as the others, and the others are pretty good!


Jackie said...

Sounds like from the post below you have a great contractor! I hate big home improvement projects. So many decisions! I'm never really sure of my choices!

Lupie said...

I love to get gifts! Yours look great!
My daughter just moved in to her first house and some of the men that did her work were not very nice. Glad it is over for now.

Yarn It said...

Nice package from your pal!