Monday, November 07, 2005

Things I do besides knitting

Obviously I'm a knitter but I have some other hobbies that I thought I'd talk about a little bit here. One is beading. I got started doing stitch markers and then branched out into earrings and I've made the odd attempt at necklaces and bracelets. I'm not that good but it's fun. This weekend I'm going to take a class in basic beading where I hope to learn some new techniques or at least what I'm doing wrong :). I also make extremely poor attempts at scrapbooking. Now this I wish I could do better at but I keep getting blocked. I will have to go to one of those parties that people have that are like tupperware but are for scrapbooking one of these days and learn more about it. I get sooooo stuck on how to lay out a page. But it's fun, there are so many little things to buy and play with in scrapbooking and it's so creative. I've got an album going for my DD and am trying to get one started for my son, but it's slow going. Especially now that I'm working more hours.

It's worth mentioning DD's new obsession hobbywise, chocolate. We discovered melt and mold chocolate at AC Moore the other day and she has really gotten into the whole idea of making chocolates for friends, family and self. Frankly, I hate her. I am about to embark on yet another diet (I've an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow), and the stuff is delicious and fun to make. She even has made two tone lollipops. Quite good at it actually, but as I said not good for Mom who has to lose a ton!

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