Monday, November 21, 2005

Knitting The Blues Away

I've been working away on the last of this batch of baby blankets. Several of my nieces got pregnant at around the same time so I've been making baby blankets the last few months. I've been using my favorite feather and fan stitch on them all. It knits up fast, and looks great when done. This last one is being done in blue as we know that this last baby is going to be a boy. I still haven't started DH's sweater. I've been real busy at work and haven't had the time for it. But I hope to get to it soon. I really want to as I love cables and want to make something for DH.

Not enjoying the job very much. I am lucky that I have this craft to give me some solace. Do you all find that your knitting helps you through some bad times? I know that at low points in my life my knitting or stitching has helped me enormously. When my father was dying many years back I went through this thing where I obessively knitted mittens for project I found out about. Now I find that at the end of the day, at a job I don't like, taking up the needles calms the nerves and lifts my mood. Me, my Ipod, a cup of tea and my knitting what could be better than that?

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