Sunday, June 05, 2005

Looking Good

Well I'm out of my funk. Didn't really last too long but once again I've been busy with not too much time to post so I couldn't let you all know I was doing better. Thanks to all for the comments and especially to my Secrect Pal who now has me all excited! I am really looking forward to the entire Pal experience and cannot wait to get out and shop for my Pal this week. Pretty good idea what goodies to get for her first package.

DS bounced back from his homesickness in short order. It gets easier for him each time I think, as it should be. He really is growing up. He asked us to bring his CD player and some CD's with us on our next visit. Just like a teen, needs his tunes :). In his case this means a heavy dose of Jazz, a habit picked up while studying trumpet.

Speaking of tunes I am about to aquire an IPod. Not sure if I am getting a mini or a regular one yet probably a regular one. Mostly though I'll be listening to podcasts. Ever heard of them? These are kind of like radio programs in the form of mp3 files that people put up on the net, much in the way that people put up blogs. One of the very good ones is Knitcast, which as you might have guessed is about knitting. The woman who does it has interviewed Lilly Chin, the editor of Interweave Knits, The Yarn Harlot. The interviews are all interesting and well done. You can download and listen to the shows even without an Ipod, your computer can do all the work so check it out. If you want to get heavier into podcasting you'll need to get Itunes and a program like Ipodder, which is my personal favorite. Ipodder will collect all the feeds you choose and set them up as playlists in Itunes. Then you can move them around or delete them, listen to them when you want or if you have an Ipod transfer them to that device. There is a podcast for everything and I've been having a blast checking it all out. Listening to it all on my computer so anyone without an Ipod can do the same. All the programs I mention are free BTW. Before I leave this topic completely I want to encorage you all to click on the Folk Alley button on the sidebar. Wonderful totally free folk music will come streaming your way 24 hours a day. Check it out for a change of pace that you will be sure to love.

I've removed the little mood icon from my sidebar. It wasn't really indicating my mood on a day to day basis and it was too much of a pain to constantly change it so I just took it off.


me myself and i said...

hey there!! I am dying to know what you got from your secrat pal!!!! Do tell!

Theo said...

so. how have you been.

BeccaU said...

thanks for the ipod / podcast links - I recently received a mini and I love it! Right now I've just got music and an audiobook on it, but have wanted to hear the knitting podcast! Have a super day!