Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back again

Sorry I've not been updating lately. I've been busy with work and while this is a good thing for my pocketbook it leaves little time for the things I love like knitting and blogging. I am posting a picture of the wonderful package that my utterly amazing Secret Pal sent to me. Two skeins of KPPPM with sock needles, two skeins of baby yarn (lots of babies in our family these days more about that in a minute), two skeins of yarn to make something for DD (she loved them just the right color for her BTW), the book Knitticisms, and three packs of beads for my new obsession of beading. I'll be sending out a package to my pal this week, but don't think I can equal this one!

The niece I made the first blanket for went into premature labor the other day and is now on total bedrest. If you can spare a kind thought for her it's appreciated. So far she is at 33 weeks and needs to go at least one more for the baby's sake. My other niece had a little boy a week ago sweet little thing for whom we had a Bris last night. Nice to see the entire family. Shame that DS couldn't be there because he loves things like this but we called him on the phone during the party and he spoke to a bunch of his uncles and aunts who haven't seen him in a while. Not as good as having him there but he seemed to like it.

I am working on the infamous socks and starting a new pair with the Koigu I just got this afternoon. I've been itching to get to it before now but the time hasn't been there. When I start a new project I like to have a block of time for it so I can work out any kinks that may show up. I'll let you all know what I think of the Koigu soon, and I promise I won't wait as long as I have this time. I am also doing some swatches for a prayer shawl my Stitch n Bitch is contributing to. One of our members has a SIL who had a premature baby and we're all doing swatches to sew into a shawl for her. I am enjoying doing them, nice little project in between other thing, and good to know it's helping someone.

DD is having her first REAL taste of middle school this week, or at least I think so. This is her first experience with finals. She is on half days but each day is a different final exam and review session. She's never had finals before and has had to learn how to study for them. The teachers have been good about providing notes and giving guidelines, but I've had to be on top of her about studying. She seemed to finally get the idea about how to review, hopefully she's done well. DS is coming home for a week and a half starting on Saturday June 25 going back on July 5. We are excited to have him for so long as he usually only stays the weekend. No idea what I'll do with him all those days, and it does mean I can't work, but that's all small potatoes against just having him with us.

To the comments: Rebecca you not only get a description you get a picture hope it was worth the wait. Theo, nice to see you. I'm doing well these days thanks for stopping by. BeccaU I think you will really like the Knitcast, don't stop there try out some others too. Email me if you want some recommendations.

That's all for now folks. Promise not so long a break next entry!

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