Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Went to the LYS on Saturday with DD and the imposssible happened Val the very sweet woman who owns Knitting on the Lamb got DD knitting! I've tried over the years to teach her but never had success. DD either was too young to grasp it or professed no interest in learning. Well she did a fair amount of knitting while I sat and worked on a gauge swatch for the February Lady Sweater. We were both quite happy and DD has been practicing on some stash yarn I gave her. She's making the occaisional beginners mistake but for the most part has a handle on it. I'm proud of her!

Thanks to all who wished her luck on her exams. They are all finished now but we will not know the results for a bit yet. I'll be sure to clue you in when we get her marks in the mail.

Finally put the fringe on DD's Slytherin House Scarf (from Charmed Knits). The process reminded me why I never put fringe on scarfs; it's a pain in the neck. Here's a picture of DD wearing the scarf:

Can't see the fringes on this picture, but DD insisted on choosing the one I post and this is the one she picked :)

We went to visit DD's best friend at the hospital this evening. Poor kid has a bad case of Mono and has been unable to hold down food so they have her on an IV drip to keep her hydrated. She missed all their end of year testing and will have to take the statewide Regents tests at another school in August. I really feel for the kid, having once had a case of Mono myself. It's not a fun thing to be sick with. They hope she will be well enough to come home by Friday.


Lupie said...

Love the colors you used for this scarf!

Jeanne said...

What a great scarf - and very cute picutre. I don't like doing fringe either...

AlisonH said...

Congratulations on your daughter's knitting!

Mono is scary to me--I had one teenage daughter whose fever went so high she became delirious, and one whose platelets tanked from it and never recovered. Granted, those were extreme and rare reactions, but they are what we've had to go through.