Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spoke to the vet twice today. Midnite is doing well, resting comfortably and eating. He will need meds for a few days but may even come home tomorrow. They will let me know in the morning.

I finished the socks I've been working on for a hundred years, I don't have a camera so I have to wait for DD to finish her homework to photograph them for you. I am glad to finally be done with these and just in time for a snowy day to wear them on. I also finished the front of my sweater and am starting the sleeves tonight. I am also contemplating doing DD's socks on DP needles instead of the 2 circs. I can't seem to get the technique down. I can knit a circle on two circs fine but have trouble getting past the heel turn. Any opinions?

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Lupie said...

Good to hear that Midnite is better! When my youngest was little she had 3 guinea pigs but then started to get allergies and we had to find them new homes.