Saturday, July 08, 2006


House is the only TV program that I make it a point never to miss. Unfortunately, I didn't discover the show until this, it's second season. So when DD (she is as addicted to this show as I am) and I saw the first season in the local Best Buy, on DVD, we grabbed it. We've been enjoying catching up with our favorite characters, seeing how the developed over time. Best of all is the quality mother daughter time we are getting as a result. If you haven't checked out House yet you can find it on Fox on Tuesday nights at 8 and again at 9. (they're running two episodes through the summer)

Disaster on sock two today. I accidentally pulled out one of the working needles and have to frog back to get it right again. ARGHH! The universe doesn't want this pair done. I'm working it very slowly due to lack of time these days, which I think makes it twice as frustrating when I have a set back.

DS got back to school basically OK. He had a day when he went a little haywire at school, but that is typical for him the day after he gets back. I wish we could find a way to transition him better but there doesn't seem to be anyway but time. I will speak to the psychologist and the case manager at school to see if anything can be done.

On the kitchen front we looked at tiles today and think we found what we want, or at least have it nailed down to two different ones. Now I have to get this coordinated with my contractor as one tile place said lay the tiles after the cabinets are done and another said do it before. I have to ask what he usually does. We are going with porcelain tiles in a sort of beige color. I'll try to post a picture when we make up our minds on which one we're going to use.

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I love House, as you know. ;)

My email is down. When it's back up I'll poke ya properly.


P.S. Update with whatcha been up to over there. ;)