Friday, October 07, 2005

Secrect Pal update

Got my first SP package and it was yummy I must say! Two lovely skeins of Regia sock yarn in a lovely autumn shade, a set of bamboo dp's, and CHOCOLATE! The woman read my mind totally. Now I have been a bad pal on my end. So busy with work that my package has yet to be mailed but I hope to make it worth the wait for her.

I've been very stressed out as I've been working, essentially, two jobs. My regular freelance special projects gig, and a new steady job I just took on. Getting hard to find time for myself, or anything else like knitting for that matter. That's why this blog is so neglected. I've just not had the time for it. But I will try to mention the big things and the important ones at least.

I've not yet started DH's fisherman sweater that's going to be this weekend I think. I am really looking forward to it, it's been a long time since I've done cables and I really like them. They are a lot of fun and really not any trouble. I have a book in the house that shows you how to do cables without a needle but I'm not using the technique on the sweater. I want to practice it on something smaller first. I don't like to use something that new on a major piece. I like to learn on a small item first.

That's it for now more later.....


Secret Pal! said...

Hooray, I'm glad the package got there OK and that you liked it! (The guy at the Post Office gave me some grief for not writing a return address on the box -- he seemed mystified by why I'd want to send something anonymously!) :)

Look for another package in the next few weeks -- and good luck with all your work. Hope you get some quality knitting time in this weekend.

me myself and i said...

where are the pics???? hope to see you at SnB soon!