Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello all. Work has been insane of late. Since I work in retail that's not a surprise. The store has been very busy which is good because the time goes faster and bad because it is exhausting. Last night I got home at around 12:30 and was falling off my feet. The kids that they have in Domestics (think towels and sheets) and Housewares are pretty new and I was, as a result, running between both departments all night helping them out and trying to keep order in all the chaos. I put things away, folded towels and generally tired to keep up the cleaning effort so we didn't have to stay any later than necessary. (the last time I worked before this I got out nearly a half an hour late). People are amazingly sloppy when they shop. They toss things all over the place, unfold stuff and take it out of packages that weren't meant to be opened until you get them home. In short they make my life difficult. So if you are still shopping this holiday season be kind to the retail clerks that take care of you. Don't make a big mess, put things back where you got them from, and don't show up 15 minutes before the store closes and act as if you have hours to spare. You will have my eternal gratitude and that of any sales associate you come across.

Spoke to DS a couple hours ago and was sorry to find out that he'd been sick today. Stomach virus it seems. I hate when DS gets sick because he isn't right here and I can't help him feel better. The nurse at school is taking good care of him, though. They kept him off solid food most of the day and gave him some jello at dinner to see if he could hold it down. He said he was feeling better than he had earlier in the day, so I guess that's good.

I have been working on my crochet squares this past week. My plan is to make as many different patterns as is possible and then put them together at random. So far this is working as the colors have been harmonious (pinks and purples for the most part). What is left doesn't clash too badly so my grand plan may work out. So far I have 16 squares done out of 49 that are needed for the afghan I want to produce.

DD will be home for a two week break starting on Monday, and DS comes home on the 24th (possibly the 23rd there is some confusion over the dates which I am trying to get resolved quickly) and stays until the 2nd. DD has a couple of projects to do over the break and DS is full of ideas on what he wants to do while he is home. Prominent on his list is some baking he wants to get done. Cookies, muffins and brownies are on the list so far. Brownies are usually something I don't do from scratch because we can get this really amazing mix at Costco. But the other day I made a batch from stratch for the holiday party of DD's girl scout troop. It was easy and they came out great so we will do it again while DS is home.

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tina said...

I worked retail years ago, I feel your pain------ as you feel mine! :)

Ibuprofen and "wraps" it is...... now if it would all go away!

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