Monday, June 09, 2008

Time to Finish

DH's sweater is done but for the sewing and blocking. I would have blocked it this weekend but DS was in and the best place in the house to block out the pieces is the floor of his room.(nobody is in it most of the time after all) Pictures will follow when it's all done.

I stared the sweater that I wrote about in my last post. It's fun if a little difficult to work because the yarn doesn't have any elasticity. But it's going to look gorgeous and I am happy with it. The sock yarn I bought that day is in the process of becoming my first socks on circular needles. I'm having a little trouble with the directions and will go back to Knitting on the Lamb for some help tomorrow.

I have a question for anyone that's reading this. I have a stash of old acrylic yarn bought when I was young and foolish and not a fiber snob. ( I use acrylic but not the old plastic type of yarn which a lot of this stuff is). Can anyone suggest a place that might take the yarn from me. A charity or a school or something? I'd hate to just throw it out. DH bless his hear was horrified when I suggested doing that, but knitting it all into preemie hats just isn't practical and a lot of other charities only take items made with wool yarns.


Sorka said...

I suggest you go here:

and see if anyone there would take it!

KnitNana said...

Jane's K4 will use it!

Dibosai said...

Thanks to you both I'll give one or both a try!