Friday, December 09, 2005

Secret Pal Update

A wonderful package from my secrect pal arrived yesterday. This woman really knows how to spoil! A bag of sour gummy bears (YUMMMMM! I lurve sour anything), a bar of Pre de Provenace soap in Ginger Spice and best part three count them three skeins of Noro Kureyon in varied greens and blues (sorry no pics camera is in the shop :<) The only dissapointment was that she didn't reveal herself in the very nice card she included. I always thought the pal revealed herself in the last package. Oh well, she shall stay a mystery and a very well thought of one at that. I've enjoyed Secrect Pal 6. I think I will sign up for #7 when it gets going.

The blanket for my nephew's son is only 12 inches away from being done. I think I may finish it this weekend and finaly, finally get going on DH's sweater. Yes the sweater I keep talking about and don't get started on. My red sweater has not been touched for a bit, but I've been so busy with the blanket that there just hasn't been time for it. I ought to start a rotation schedule the way some people do. You know work on one project this day, project B another day and so on. Problem is that I am not that discipled in my knitting. It's always been an as the sprit moves me kind of thing.

DH is doing quite well these days. His main problem now is that his energy is not back at full force yet. The lung was injured in his fall and that will still need time to recover so as a result his energy is impaired. The doctor cleared him to go back to work at reduced hours and that's excactly what he has been doing. So far so good. He's happy to be back, as he said there's only so much daytime TV a person can stand.

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Editrix said...

Ooops! Sorry to be such a goofball. I sent you an email, but I can now reveal my secret identity (or at least link to my blog). :)

Thanks for being so much fun to spoil!