Sunday, August 07, 2005

Long Time No See

Hey everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I updated. I've been a little under the weather and trying to keep up with work, my knitting and this volunteer thing I do hasn't left much time for the blog. I've been very fatigued for some time, and had a lot of trouble with achy joints. I knew, or thought I knew I had osteoarthritis in my hips. But I'd not gotten a good work up from the orthopedist who I saw for that. So at the suggestion of my best friend I saw an arthritis doctor recently who told me I didn't have Osteoarthritis but something called Spondyloarthritis. It's related to Rheumatic Arthritis and causes the places where the muscles attach to the joints to become inflamed. You also get real fatigued from it because your body has to fight inflammation all the time. I've been having a flare up lately so that's why I've been especially tired, especially achy and haven't been here. Exercise helps, anti inflammatory drugs like Advil, and Alieve help (I get a prescription tomorrow) and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about it. I'm going to beat this!

In answer to probable questions, yes it's hit my hands, but not too badly. They're a little swollen but I can use them fine and It's not affecting my knitting one bit. I've just started yet another pair of socks (two in the works now) and am fine with the small needles. Knitting is good therapy the more I move the better it is. They've been swollen for ages, and I've not given it a second thought till the doctor said something about it. I always thought it was from the weather.

On to happier things. I got a wonderful surprise in the mail from my Secrect Pal a book I've been wanting for a while from Amazon. Beyond Stitch and Bitch. A book about how knitting can be a spiritual practice. Something that really interests me. Haven't you found how the repetitive nature of the work just stills your mind? I have. I meditate daily and so this kind of approach to knitting has real appeal to me. I can't wait to crack open the book. Thanks Secrect Pal!

Family is doing well. DD just finished day camp, she and I should have some time together as work seems to have slowed down right now. DS is doing quite well at the moment. We had the annual review at his school and the teacher said he could actually do harder work and she was going to try to push him a bit. Just what we want to hear. It's hard having him away but these folks are doing such a great job with him. Behaviorally he's doing OK as well. We all go away on vacation soon to New England for a week. Maine, where we've never been, and Vermont where we go every couple of years. Nice places in the summer. Vermont is just beautiful in summer quiet and cheap since all the ski resorts need to fill up spaces in the summer time they cut rates to the bone. We kind of veg out and just enjoy being together.

I mentioned a volunteer thing I do let me explain about it. I do work with the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. DS, in addition to having Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) has bipolar disorder. This organization supports parents and gives them information on the disorder. We maintain an extensive website with a chatroom and message boards. I serve as a liaison for parents who contact the organization by email or phone for help. I will either call them or email them and give support and information to them where I can. I also monitor a couple of the message boards. Making sure that people are getting support, making sure that there aren't any inappropriate messages being posted, that sort of thing. It's a lot of work, but work that I love and feel is important. I remember how lost I was years ago and there was no CABF and then it started up and I didn't feel so alone anymore. And when my son was in crisis a couple of times it was a lifesaver. I just feel I have to give back what I got.

Well that's about it for now. I hope to be able to post more regularly in future.


Kelly D said...

I want to let you know i understand and feel terrible for your DX. I have RA and have had since i was 28--i am now 35. If u need help with any info or have any questions, please dont hesitate to email me!!

KnitNana said...

Hi Eileen!
Autoimmune diseases are a bear to diagnose and treat, but if they've been able to diagnose this fast, consider yourself very lucky! You can live well with them, but you have to slow down, do what the docs say, and put yourself first - probably not something you're used to doing, esp. w/kids! It took 20+ years and more docs than I care to remember to find out that I have Lupus. Please take good care of your eyes, as uveitis (the 3rd leading cause of blindness) is a symptom of Spondyloarthritis (and is what sent me back to the docs for this round of testing and diagnosis!). I, too, will be happy to correspond.